Joining Worlds Corp. is a corporation dedicated to the service of international purchasing and importations of a wide range of products. We represent and distribute for important manufactures with highly certifies experience in products.

Our Mission

At Joining Worlds Corp. we are a business dedicated to the service of international purchases and importation of industrial products. We operate with the highest level of responsibility, integrity, respect and professionalism in our area. We count on highly competent personnel and are committed to actively contribute to the processes of the supply chain of our customer operating as a qualified extension of their purchasing department. We offer technical commercial assessment in the purchase of a wide variety of brands with the backing of their manufactures, representatives and distributors.

Our Vision

We here at Joining Worlds Corp. have a vision of the future of logistics, due to the ever changing landscape of the worlds market. Our goal is recognized worldwide for offering products with the highest standards of quality by a quick and efficient service of international purchasing. With the trust we generate in our customers we will continue growing in the market with a wide range of industrial products this reaching the position of a solid company and socially responsible to our Customer, Partners and interested parties.

Our Promise


Because we fill our customer’s orders meeting their requirements and fulfilling agreements for delivery made with them with a confirmed purchase order through our knowledge in the area.


Because our effort is reflected in the offers we present to our customer cementing a high percentage of success for our collaborators and associates.

Quality Police

At Joining Worlds Corp., we are committed to customer satisfaction within a framework of business social responsibility through:

  • Products of the highest quality.
  • A wide portfolio of qualified and trustworthy suppliers and associates Quick and trustworthy service with in time deliveries.
  • Qualified, competent and up-to-date personnel working under the values of respect, integrity and responsibility.
  • Continual improvement in all the operating system processes.
  • Economic, social and environmental sustainability which generates value to our shareholders, employees and other interest groups.


Contact us

Address: 538 S. RAINBOW DR. HOLLYWOOD, FL 3302
Telephone: (786) 344 – 0085
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Web: www.joiningworlds-inc.com
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