Our portfolio includes all the extensive services needed in the International Trades, such us:

  • Purchase and customs Brokers.
  • International Logistic Services all around the world.
  • Door to Door services for samples and special products.
  • Direct contact with the most important factories and suppliers all around the world.
  • International payment and bank assistance.
  • Marketing services to help you to introduce your products in any market.
  • Professional Managing of your international Trades Office.
    • If you company is Looking for a particular product, if you want to export your products to any country, if you need International Trades Assistance and logistics services to import or to export; and also if you are Intl Trades are not high enough to justify an Intl Trades Department inside your company, we are the best solution for you! We Mange all your business for you, in a professional and confidential way, and as if we are an extension of you own company, helping you to save cost and efforts.

      With years of experience in the Intl Trades Business, we offer you the best know-how and all steps needed to move your products quickly and efficiently. No matter how big or small your company is, just contact us now to help you find the best solution for you Intl needs at a cost that perfectly fits your budget!

      Our Complete Logistics Services

      Joining Worlds Corp. offers complete logistics services to complement our alpready robust logistics network. Facilities include:

      • Adequate aisle space for pallet-truck movement between the racks and the loading dock area.
      • Warehouse equipped with concrete floors and walls and proper roofing materials for heat retention.
      • Insulation and adequate ventilation.
      • Easy access to the loading area for local delivery vehicles.
      • Work are and office facilities.
      • Independent space for location preferred clients.
      • Efficient location labeling.
      • Scanner with label printers for reading and printing serial numbers.
      • Forklifts for moving merchandise.
      • Fully installed unified warehousing system.

      Our Import & Export Agency Service

      As a one-stop-shop for logistics services, we also specialize in import and export agent services and international purchasing.
      While international trade is theoretically simple, every country has its own import and export trading regulatory system which make the procedure complex and create barriers for business. Joining Worlds Corp. professional staff of people have years of knowledge, working in international trading and international/domestic transportation field. We are very familiar with every step of the import and export process.
      We have dealt with many products including electrical and mechanical products and their assorted accessories, electronics products, cosmetics, chemical products, textile materials, furniture and other small products. Utilizing our business experience, good logistics management and good relationships with each government department, we are able to provide efficient service for all of our clients.
      We also provide trading consultations for importing and exporting to help foreign companies and individual become more familiar with the American import and export process and the related regulations and laws in as short a time as possible, helping companies m increase the efficiency of their import and export trading operations.
      Additionally, we are also able to use our current trading network and product knowledge to advise and assist clients in entering overseas and domestics markets easily.

      Our International Purchasing Service

      Based on accumulated knowledge and networking, we provide purchasing services for foreign and domestic clients. We will locate and purchase most products including electrical and mechanical products, electronics, chemical, consumables, textiles, furniture products. For clients we request quotations based on the product brand, performance, quality, origin and client’s target price.
      As soon as the price is confirmed and the business agreement concluded, we are able to proceed directly into the international trade process to deliver products to the client quickly and safety.
      Our products are delivered with their respective certificates of quality and origin when required by our customers and to specific norms.


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